Dan Clifford
March 30, 2011 | Dan Clifford

Wine, Check........System, Check......

Do you notice something different?

Correct, we have been working hard to showcase and reveal our new and improved website. For some, this might be your first visit and for others, a warm change.

Over the last few years House of Bacchus Wine & Spirits has been offering our great service online www.BacchusWineOnline.com. The past several months we decided to take action on what we have learned…….from mistakes and customer comments to develop what we feel is a customer centric online wine buying experience.

OK, so the colors and the artwork look similar, what did you do? Great question.

We have done our best to make the Bacchus website about YOU, the user:

  • Better Search – The commitment to accurate & uniform data*
  • Smoother/Streamlined Check Out
  • Mobile Website – A must have for a person on the go. Yes, you can order via mobile device!
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews*
  • Adding more Personality – Remember, we are people too
  • Social Engagement
  • User Generated Emails - This does not mean automated, just the opposite. The more information you share with us in a profile, the better we can customize the information we send. Don’t just sign up for our email list, participate in our email service.

I could ramble on (and I will very soon touching on more features and partnerships) but please take the time to search our offerings and send comments on your experience – you never know what might come your way as a THANK YOU. It is very possible we missed some things in our pre-launch meetings and I apologize in advance but sometimes you need to “Go Live” to work out some final bugs.

The Bacchus Team thanks you, the customers for making this possible.


Dan Clifford

Time Posted: Mar 30, 2011 at 10:35 AM
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