George W. Heath III
March 11, 2010 | George W. Heath III

What Is The Best Wine Glass for YOU?

Wine glasses are important, but how important is the question. A good glass is essential in exploring all nuances in wine and getting the senses to recognize them; but for enjoying wine day to day, with meals or just kicking back, the glass need not be expensive.

I've spent some major cash on good stemware and good stemware is thin and delicate -- two attributes you would expect to see in pricey glassware. In my home thin and delicate is, well, too thin and too delicate. I've broken every pricey wine glass I've ever owned. It's not that I'm overly clumsy (just a bit clumsy), but these glasses are big-time fragile. One cracked while I was wiping it dry with a dish towel!

After spending a small fortune on good stemware and realizing sweeping up broken glass and throwing it in the trash was like tossing out a couple of $20 bills, I decided I had to find a "good" glass that was inexpensive -- two words that usually aren't related.

Fusion Stemware is a company that fuses crystal with magnesium, creating a light yet strong wine glass. They run about $50 for a set of four and come in many styles. While not overly expensive, that's not cheap, either. They are, however, very durable. At Bed Bath & Beyond I found a set of four glasses for $9.99. They're thin and delicate, and for everyday use, I prefer the Chardonnay glass. This glassware is also fragile, and yes I've broken a couple, but it's easier to part with a $2.50 glass than it is to replace a $20 a glass!

George W. Heath III
Bacchus Wine Consultant
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